In the middle of Brandon Manitoba’s main thoroughfare, on a compact and easy to navigate campus, sits Brandon University, educational jewel of the city. Founded as Brandon College in 1899 the institution was accredited as a university in 1968, celebrating its 50th year as a University this year. Students who attend BU commonly cite its small class sizes, friendly environment and low tuition as reasons for choosing a smaller University over some in the bigger centres. If it’s important to you to be a name rather than a number to your professors, Brandon University is the place for you.


In addition to providing a high caliber post-secondary education, Brandon University is also a versatile event hosting venue. Capable of meetings from 20 – 200 in meeting rooms and lecture halls, banquets of up to 350 in the Harvest Hall dining room and world class sporting events at the Healthy Living Centre, BU is consistently increasing its scope of event hosting abilities.

Ancillary services manager, Jackie Nichol, says “We are, and will continue to be, a community partner and welcome all areas of the community to utilize the services and spaces within Brandon University.” She says sometimes people forget about BU when considering event venues, or are under the impression it is not a space for public use. But it is, and it can be one of the best places to host your next event!

Brandon University has a well-used on-site residence program, which primarily operates as student housing for eight months of the year, running September to April to coincide with the institution’s Academic Calendar.

During the months of May to August, the facilities are opened up to house delegates for conferences, meetings, sporting events and more. This provides an on-campus accommodation option, allowing events to happen all in one place and eliminating travel between venues.

A full commercial kitchen is available for on and offsite catering, and is open year round to work in partnership with Ancillary services when a group has food and beverage requirements.

The Healthy Living Centre is a premier facility for sport event hosting. Opened in 2013 it is state of the art, boasting three gymnasiums, an indoor running track and a full service workout gym. It has been host to many exciting regional events from basketball to 55+ Games Pickleball to wheelchair rugby, but most notably BU Athletics hosted the incredibly successful 2016 CIS Women’s National Volleyball Championships, which was one of the best in recent memory.

Nichol has a firm belief that Brandon is the best place to host meetings, conventions and sporting events. “Brandon has so much to offer in that we provide that small town experience but still have a lot of the options provided in a larger urban centre.” The people here make all the difference as well. “The community is always so supportive of events and initiatives set out by our people and it makes for such memorable and successful endeavors.”

Brandon University has also recently acquired land in our city’s downtown core, with plans to create housing and classroom space there, further intertwining with the community and adding value for students, local residents and potential event hosts as well. “Brandon University has a desire to increase our conference services in the future,” Nichol states, “We invite members of the community to come and see all that is available here. We may have some unique spaces and options that you haven’t considered.”For more information on spaces available, rates, and booking information visit their website at and click on the Conferences and Events tab. You can also reach out to Jackie Nichol at 204-571-7852. For Healthy Living Centre specific booking call 204-727-9756 or visit