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Arabian Horses: A Fascinating History and an Incredible Event

When I was in the third grade I remember reading the novel “Black Stallion“. It painted a picture of the most beautiful horses in my mind, which wasn’t difficult as, like most little girls of that age, I already thought horses the most majestic creatures on Earth. The titular horse in that novel is an Arabian, and the first time I had a chance to see one of these magnificent creatures in person was at the 2016 Canadian National Arabian and Half-Arabian Horse show at Brandon’s Keystone Centre.  Arabian horses are special for a great many reasons.  Not only are they prized in modern times for their beauty, but these equines have played a crucial role in human history. The most famous…  Read More

Why Events Matter – Insight into the Economic Importance of Event Tourism

Brandon First recently had the opportunity to talk to Brandon’s Director of Economic Development, Sandy Trudel, to get her insight into why Event Tourism, Brandon First’s role in it, and the city’s Event Hosting Grant program are so important to our growing economy. One of the basic tenets of economic development is simple: bring in more money from outside the community with the… Read More

Important Announcement
from Brandon First

After more than ten years operating out of the corner office of the Riverbank Discovery Centre, Brandon First
has moved into Display Building Number 2 (The Dome Building)

Our new mailing address is :
Brandon First
Second Floor – Display Building No. 2
1200-13th Street
Brandon, MB     R7A 4S8

  Read press release here

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