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Brandon is getting our own Comic Con!! River City Conventions, the same amazing folks that put on Central Canada Comic Con (among many others) in Winnipeg every year, are excited to announce that they are bringing the special experience of their conventions to Brandon! Read More Here

Brandon First Highlights:

Westman Gaming Expo – Creating Your Custom Event – A Q&A With Mark Lund

The word “Gaming” means different things to different people. For some, it conjures a vision of casinos, roulette tables, flashing lights and giant jackpots. For some, a Friday night poker game with close friends over beverages and banter. But for some, in a smaller, more niche market… Read More

Prairie Organics – Think Whole Farm 2018 – Is Organic Farming That Different?

By now, most people are aware of the concept of the Organic food movement. Like many, my understanding of this movement really has come from social media, online… Read More 

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